Real Cases of Child Abduction

Child abduction cases are on the rise, and it is no longer just creepy old men driving around in tinted windowed vehicles that are doing the abducting. Parents are now abducting their own children at a steadily increasing rate. When parents get divorced or separate they often get a court order stating which parent has custody of the children. Many times the parents enter into a joint parenting plan which lays out a specific schedule of when the children will be with each parent. Those parenting plans are not always entered or followed. Parents are not just abducting their children and going to another state, but many times they are now going to another country.

In one case, the parents originated from Zimbabwe and moved to California following their marriage. They had two children born in California, and a third child was born in England. They Father took the two older children to England for the delivery. After the birth and a prolonged stay in England the family returned back to California. Thereafter, without the consent of the father, the mother removed the children from California and brought them to England. The court determined that the children should be returned to California as their trip to England had not become an ordinary part of their lives and the mother did not own a home there.

In another case, both parents were British Nationals who were born in the UK. Two years after the birth of their second child, the family moved to Canada. The parties separated soon after their move, and the father took the children back to the UK without the consent of the mother. The father maintained that there was always an agreement between the parties to return to the UK if either or both of them was unhappy in Canada. The Court dismissed the fathers assertions and found that the children were habitually residents in Canada at the time their father abducted them. The mother had obtained employment in Canada, the children were enrolled in school and daycare, and the family home in the UK had been sold six months prior.

In 2011/12 children were abducted to 84 different countries. If you are concerned that your child is at risk of abduction you should contact the police or Quinn Law Associates, P.A. immediately.

Caleb R. Biesterveld

Quinn Law Associates, P.A.


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